This particular collection is a creation of motion and energy through using primarily one medium: pantyhose. I have reinvented the nylon and integrated it into a new realm of life, no longer owned by it’s wearer. It is able to be independent and move outside the box. I enjoy partnering up with the nylon because together we can recreate life’s tensions, textures, movements, struggles, and harmonies.

What does it mean? For me, abstract art is cryptic yet universal. It does not require an explanation of the artist’s interpretation in order for viewers to personally interpret the piece according to their lives. Hence, this collection, Pantyings, is whatever you need it to be at each moment you view it.
Come check out my pantyings art as well as recent prints and magnets of the awesome baobab trees of Madagascar!  Great prices at this show as I would like to sell out as I'm pending a move in a few months.  
June 7, 8, 14, 15th
@3035 Chapman St Unit #3
Oakland, CA
Jingletown (there will be at least 20 other artists showing in the neighborhood)

ProArts East Bay Open Studios 2014
Artist #343


Oakland City Hall Show Oct 2013-Jan 2014
Joint show with Karen Balos (
In many corners of the world, women and sometimes men have used textile art forms to create beauty and at the same time voice social and political protest - speak beauty to power.  The tactile medium provides the opportunity to evoke multiple layers of emotion and communicate contradictory feelings, mirroring the complexity of our human experience.  

Gaea. 4' x 4'.  Wood, nylons, dye.  2013

Victor(ia).  4' x 3'  Mixed media.  2013

Side #1
Electric Dance. Room Divider. 3 panels @ 71" x 16".  Mixed media. 2013

 Side #2
Electric Dance. Room Divider. 3 panels @ 71" x 16".  Mixed media. 2013

Connections.  Diptych: 2 - 50"x 50" x 73"   Wood, Nylons. 2013

December 2013 Jingletown Art walk show @3035 Chapman St. Oakland

Nylon Throne. Installation. Nylons, crates. 2013

Trapezoid #1. Nylons, wood. 2013. Sold

Trapezoid #2. Nylons, wood. 2013. Sold

Trapezoid #3. 18" x 10.5"  Nylons, wood. 2013