This particular collection is a creation of motion and energy through using primarily one medium: pantyhose. I have reinvented the nylon and integrated it into a new realm of life, no longer owned by it’s wearer. It is able to be independent and move outside the box. I enjoy partnering up with the nylon because together we can recreate life’s tensions, textures, movements, struggles, and harmonies.

What does it mean? For me, abstract art is cryptic yet universal. It does not require an explanation of the artist’s interpretation in order for viewers to personally interpret the piece according to their lives. Hence, this collection, Pantyings, is whatever you need it to be at each moment you view it.

Artwork update

Untitled. Nylons, refurbished wood, aerosol. 2017

Unique hand made aerosol painted greeting cards. 2017
All four sides.  Refurbished panel, aerosols, nylons, 2017

Slide by-products into ultra-mini artworks. each one 2 x 2".  2017

Sounded.  Nylons, refurbished wood, dye, aerosols. 2017

Untitled tiny.  5" diameter.  nylons, refurbished frame. 2017.
Round-a-bout. Refurbished material, nylons, aerosol. 2017

4 square.  Nylons, refurbished wood frame, dye. 2017

Vortex.  nylons, refurbished metal frame, dye.  2017
Untitled. refurbished frame, nylons, dye. 2018
Beaked.  Refurbished material. Nylons, aerosol. 2017

Mixed media display:  aerosol, radiographic film and lightbox. part #1

Mixed media display with lightbox turned on part #2

Nylon bench to hide art supplies for the show

TBD.  Refurbished material, nylon, aerosol. 2017

East Bay Open Studios 2017

Opening/preview exhibition
@16th Street Historic Train Station in Oakland

@ Open Studios at 2200 Adeline Street

Vinyl curtain installation 2017

Projection installation

Living space chandelier made from reused items including work lights,  rattan floor chair.  2016

The Gifting Zephyr- Burning Man Art Car 2017

During the summer of 2017, I helped to create the Gifting Zephyr, an art car collaboration among friends.  I helped by creating the top of the art car.  I used metal mesh and insulating spray foam to create a structure that would be lightweight but hold against the strong winds in the desert. Others involved in the remainder of the art car creation include (but not limited to) Ibrahim Khatib, Andy Knecht, and James Carr-Nelson.


...a long overdue art update...

Last summer I created over 20 unique pieces of fringe wearables, including skirts, necklaces, arm fringe, etc.(yes I sew too!) Made from material I salvaged at a sewing store's estate sale, all these pieces were gifted to amazing friends!